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Product Name: THHW-LS Cable

Application: THHW cables are used in building wiring,feeder and branch circuits and internal secondary industrial distribution. In installations what require special security conditions in fire case. In fire case,THHW-LS have an excellent performance regarding low smoke emissions,darkness,toxicity and corrosive smoke.

Characteristics: 600V voltage,maximum operation temperature is 60℃ in the presence of oil,90℃ in a wet or dry environment,105℃ in an emergency,150℃ in a short circuit.

Construction: Soft copper wire,PVC insulation

Standards: ASTM B3,B8,B787,UL 83,UL 1581

Size: 14AWG to 500MCM

Color: 14AWG to 6AWG are black,white,green,red,yellow,bule,4AWG and bigger is black.

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