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Insisting the conception of survival based on quality of the products and development originate from innovation, our company always concern about promotion of quality and technical innovation. We are High-tech Enterprise and Quality Trust Enterprise, our main products have ESP Cable, Motor Lead Extensions, ESP Pump, Pump Housing, Motor Shaft, Pump Shaft, Aluminum Alloy Cable, XHHW-2, Service Entrance Cable, MC Cable, RHH Cable, RHW Cable, USE Cable, USE-2, Mobile Home FDR, SE Cable, PV Cable, Single Conductor UD, Duplex Conductor UD, Triplex Conductor UD, Covered Line Wire, THW, TEW, TFFN, TFN, THHN, MTW, THWN-2, WHWN, THHW, THWN, XHHW, RHW-2, SIS, XHH, TW, OPGW, TECK90, Tubing Encapsulated Cables, 4mm TEC Cables, Duplex 2205 TEC Cables, Incoloy 825 TEC Cables, Downhole Sensor Cables, Downhole Fiber Optic Cables, PTFE Insulated Wires & Cables, PFA Insulated Wires & Cables, PTFE/PFA Coated Stainless Steel Wires Ropes, Thermocouple Wires, 316L Capillary Tubing, Duplex 2205 Capillary Tubing, Incoloy 825 Capillary Tubing, Control Line Tubing, H07V-R Wire, ABC Cables, Flexible Rubber Cables, Surface Cables, Flexible Control Cables, Fiber Cables, AAC, AAAC, ACAR, ACSR etc.

For ESP Cables, ESP Cable Solutions Co.,Limited produce full range of it from 96to 260with the voltage 3kV, 4kV, 5kV, 6kV and 8kV, the main types have QYPN, QYPNY, QYEQ, QYYEQ, QYEQNY, QYYEQEY, QYYFF, QYYEE. ESP Cable Solutions Co.,Limited supply bulk quantity of electrical submersible pump cables to the international market, such as USA, Canada, Columbia, Ecuador, Russia, Germany, UAE, Egypt, Indonesia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Malaysia, India etc.

ESP Cable Solutions Co.,Limited supply bulk quantity of Tubing Encapsulated Cables and Control Line Tubing to the market per month, ESPCS Tubing Encapsulated Cables and Control Line Tubing are very popular in the worldwide. The main types of Tubing Encapsulated Cables have 10000/15000/20000 PSI Tubing Encapsulated Cables, Round/Square shape Tubing Encapsulated Cables, 150/175/200/250/300Tubing Encapsulated Cables, 1/3/4/5/10/24 Cores Tubing Encapsulated Cables, 28AWG-8AWG conductor size Tubing Encapsulated Cables, Bare/Tinned/Silver Plated/Nickel Plated copper conductor Tubing Encapsulated Cables, ETFE/FEP/PFA/PTFE Insulated Tubing Encapsulated Cables, ETFE/FEP/HDPE/PFA/PP/PVDF Encapsulated TEC Cables, 316L/Duplex2205/Alloy400/Alloy 625/Alloy825 Tubing Encapsulated Cables, 1/8/1/4/4mm OD Tubing Encapsulated Cables, Downhole Temperature Measuring Cables, Downhole Tubing Encapsulated Cables, Tubing Encapsulated Downhole Cables, Downhole Fiber Optic Cables, Downhole Conductor Cables, Fiber Optic Downhole Sensor Cables, Flat Pipe Armor Signal Cables, MC Sensor Cables, Encapsulated Communication Cables etc.

Produce scope of Tubing has Capillary Tube, Welded Coil Tubing, Control Line Flatpacks, Bare Welded Control Line Coil Tubing, Seam Welded Pressure Tubing, Welded Control Lines, Coiled Tubing, Hydraulic Control Lines, Chemical Injection Lines, Encapsulated Control Lines, Umbilical Tubing, Bare Welded Control Line Tubing, 316L/Duplex2205/Alloy625/Alloy825 Control Line Tubing, Oil Well Coiled Tubing, Downhole Chemical Injection Line Tubing, Downhole Control Line Tubing, Encapsulated Downhole Control Line Tubing, Encapsulated Downhole Coiled Tubing, Encapsulated Chemical Injection Tubing, Encapsulated Control Line Tubing, Downhole Hydraulic Control Line Tubing, Downhole Capillary Coiled Tubing, Oil Well Used Capillary Tubing, 1/8 Control Line Tubing, 1/4 Control Line Tubing, 1/2 Control Line Tubing, 3/8 Control Line Tubing, 3/4 Control Line Tubing, 5/8 Control Line Tubing etc.



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