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Mineral Insulated Heating Cable
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Product Name: Mineral Insulated Heating Cable/MI Heating Cable

Construction: Conductor,heating materials,nickel and chromium,mineral insulating layer(MgO2,Al2O3),outer casing(stainless steel 304,316,321).

General Description: MI heating cable single or multiple root apploy heating wire is used as heat source,high purity,high temperature,crystal fused magnesia as thermal insulation,seamless stainless steel or brass as sheath,the use of special manufacturing techniques.Have strong corrosion effect of place can be plus or low smoke halogen-free PE coat.

Applications: Industrial pipes,containers,storage tanks,groove,the nuclear heating reactor heat preservation,airport runways,railway and light rail fork snow and ice,etc.

Advantages: Stainless steel sheathed heating cable insulation series minerals can satisfy the conditions of high temperature and large heating power (250 w/m),the highest temperature can reach to 600,under the scope of the conductor resistance from 28000-19.2Ω/km,mineral insulated cable with excellent mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.


MI Heating Cable (Stainless steel sheath)

Model Name


Temperature Range


Heat Resistance Temperature


Standard Power

50-250 W/M

Commonly Used Voltage


Product Certificate

National Explosion-proof Certificate


Widely used in petroleum,chemical,electric power,metallurgy,building materials and other industries with heat,heat presevation,freezing,heating.

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