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Oil Well Limit Temperature Heating Cable
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Product Name: Oil Well Limit Temperature Heating Cable

General Description: Self-control temperature oil well heat tracing cable electric heating device is automatic oil well heat tracing cable after electrify,warm direction along the pipeline,and the temperature of the as well depth gradient reverse automatic output power adjustment.Along through the outer wall of the tubing to the tubing inside heating,to maintain a constant temperature,viscosity and solution in order to achieve the effect of fault and increase the pump efficiency.Its core is the PTC heater with heating cable in three groups is by conducting polymer PTC function material after extruding radiation,each point can be heating system with temperature changes its output power reverse changes,in order to achieve automatic compensation,automatic adjustment,the effect of the automatic control.

Advantages: A. Reduce tubing pluging and frequent paraffin wax,to stabilize the production.

B. Temperature viscosity reducing wellbore flow resistance increase pump efficiency.

C. Reduce the pumping unit load and prolong the pillars pump cycle.

D. Facilitate Control: the quantity of heat of heat tracing cable output oil well can be according to the need to change,make operation and achieve the lowest cost in temporary after shut-in,tubing not block,can quickly recover oil well production capacity.At the same time,low flow rate of crude oil won’t produce the phenomenon that a partial blockage of the tubing.

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